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What you can expect from my coaching!

  • Getting to the root of your life goals and identifying what is standing in your way
  • Supported guidance in crafting your action plan to achieve your dream life
  • Freedom from self-sabotaging patterns that knock you off track
  • How to work with manifestation techniques to call in your desires
  • Finding alignment and inner confidence in your daily life
  • Insight into patterns of attracting bad relationships and how to break free
  • Clarity on what is no longer serving you
  • Learning how to nurture your single self into attracting your dream partner

What you seek is seeking you, I will help you find it!

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Have ambitions but can't seem to get started or stay on track? I'll guide you along and hold you accountable!

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Meet the Coach

Hello, I'm Melissa

I'm here for those ambitious ladies! Helping those struggling to find their life purpose, partner, and sanity in a world so fast-paced that we barely have time for those little things that mean so much.

My path to a picture-perfect life was a country mile away from rosy but, the lessons learned have transformed me immensely and redirected my purpose to fellow women who might find themselves in a similar situation.

Are you longing to wake up each day feeling filled with self-confidence, happiness, and freedom?

Looking for motivational mentor? If you are saying YES, then we should talk! It would be my pleasure to walk beside you on this journey.

About Me
Life Coach for Single Women Chicago

What They’re Saying

Working with Melissa has been a game-changer! Finding someone who really understands my struggle was key. Melissa helped me bring down barriers I didn’t even know were in my way! I am so grateful to have found her!

Shauna C.

Working with Melissa has been amazing for me. She’s helped me understand the limitations I was putting myself through some of my beliefs and helped me open up and expand into new possibilities I always thought existed for other people but not me. A truly transformational experience!

Rebekah R.

Certified by the Life Coach Institute

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